Retrenchment taking it's toll in South Africa

The recruitment business has been less than eventful in the past 6 months. Virtually no new jobs and plenty of our colleagues being retrenched, laid off, shown the door, It has been a dreadful business year. Here are six essentials to help you move forward:

To move on you have to accept the situation. You have to move on, if you linger you will fail to regrow.

Know that it is not personal. It is purely economics, the roll of the dice

Remember to be grateful. Try to concentrate on those things you are positive about in your life, practice mindfulness. Keep in action and keep in the present.

Take action ! update CV's. Get a video CV done with a professional organisation to get yourself notices. Make phone calls. E mails do not secure jobs. Get out and meet people. Use your social media effectively.

Learn new skills

Become more relevant in your market place. Perhaps you spent too much time with your head to the grindstone not realising that there are many other opportunities to show off your talents.

Hickmore Recruitment launched CareerMap a few months ago to assist people going through job change with a basket of products to assist. The mentorship programs are also excellent for those developing or just starting out in their careers.

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