‘Stolen from City Lodge.’ Hotel group ditches funny bathroom bottles after complaints

  1. As a joke, the City Lodge Hotel Group printed “Stolen from…” on their little toiletry bottles.

  2. Some visitors took it very seriously, and the group is phasing out the offending bottles.

  3. Mini bathroom bottles in hotels look set to completely disappear in coming years as they are replaced by bulk-sized containers, out of environmental concerns.

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For even the most virtuous traveller, those mini plastic toiletry bottles in hotel bathrooms are fair game.

But those who recently visited a City Lodge or Town Lodge hotel may have gotten a shock back home, if they read the fine print on the bottle:

Guys, my colleague took this from her room and after reading closely, she feels bad and wants to return it. I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING???????? pic.twitter.com/6xPiYAJ52Z— Jamy’s outspoken alter ego (@sassyparodia) July 29, 2019

The City Lodge Hotel Group (Courtyard, City Lodge, Town Lodge, Road Lodge) labelled some of their bottled with “Stolen from…” – but not as reprimand, as a joke.

“CLHG was trying to be humorous, but unfortunately some customers took it literally,” a spokesperson told Business Insider.

Following a “few” complaints from guests, it is now phasing out these bottles.

“Maybe they’ll become collector’s items,” the spokesperson speculated.

In fact, all of those little plastic bottles may rapidly become relics as large chains switch to bulk-size containers that are attached to the bathroom wall, out of environmental concerns.

Last week, the owner of Holiday Inn and InterContinental Hotels announced that it is phasing out mini bottles at their 5,600 hotels around the world to cut down on its plastic usage.

The InterContinental Hotels Group has eleven hotels in South Africa, including various Holiday Inns and the InterContinental Hotel OR Tambo Airport. IHG uses an average of 200 million “bathroom miniatures” every year, which by 2021 will be reduced to zero.

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