Ten unique things TES Services do that create and sustain employment

With all the bad press on “labour Brokers” and “Temporary Employment Services, TES” it is no small wonder that we are feeling a little punch drunk from criticism and incorrect assumptions as to our place in the world. Of course, no-one wants to support exploitative practices, and it is time to stamp out the illegal operators, the bakkie brigades, and for employers to stop using them.

Not all LB’s and TES’s are created equal.

The myriad of laws that control the sector have been welcomed by professional TES in the hope that the government will eradicate the illegal businesses once and for all. Sadly, the authorities have done nothing to rid us of the exploiters and they trade with impunity. Employers still support them and use their services because they are cheap.

Frankly, companies who use lawless operators should be fined and prosecuted and the operators themselves should be in jail.

The good news is that there are some amazing companies in the sector that contribute to reducing unemployment, up-skilling youth and giving South Africans satisfying and meaningful work.

So now that I have said my piece and on a positive note. Here are  just Ten unique things that  a TES probably does better than any other employers :-

  1. Temporary jobs are often a persons first opportunity to gain work experience in a variety of sectors and job roles

  2. Employees can pick and choose when they would like to work, flexibility. The new world of work.

  3. TES offer free training for those with little or no experience

  4. TES negotiate the highest pay rate possible for it’s employees

  5. TES offer the same treatment to it’s employees under the LRA as permanently employed people

  6. TES give a team member exposure to potentially full time employment. Approx 35% of people placed on temp jobs become permanently employed.

  7. Temporary employees can work for a number of different employers each month. Giving variety and wider prospects

  8. Due to the TES having multiple clients. If one employer downsizes the TES employee is not as vulnerable as there are other places of work available.

  9. TES often supply free transport, medical cover, funeral policies, assistance with loans, provident funds and other extended benefits

  10. TES employ more unemployed people than any other sector in South Africa, offering hope and income opportunities.

Please feel free to add to this list

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